Entire Wooden Fence Replacement In Ooltewah, Tennessee

Elaine’s fence is much like yours may be – old, worn down, perhaps even leaning in a few areas as hers is. The wood looks like the sun’s been baking it for years (which it has):

It isn’t very sturdy either, and she’s counting on her fence to keep the family dog from running away. It’s an outside dog, so if the fence were to fall down then the dog would most likely run off to explore, not an ideal situation for any owner.

To prevent this, and to update her fence to a new style, Elaine decides she needs to hire a contractor to come to replace her fence. She gets on Home Advisor and starts looking for companies near her that can help solve her fence problem.

Old wooden gate

That’s when she sees the ratings for Window Source Of Chattanooga/Home Source Network (hey that’s us!).

With 4.81 stars and plenty of comments about our great customer service, Elaine thinks we could be the perfect company for her. She contacts us for more information, which results in her hiring us to replace her fence.

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Elaine’s Fence Replacement Project Process

Elaine talks with us and together we go through the styles of fence and materials until she finds her ideal look. We set up a date and time span for the project and all that’s left is to wait for the day to come.

When it finally does, everything goes smoothly and on schedule.

Over the course of the next few days, we remove the fence and put down the layout for the new one. We then dig the holes and add concrete, which we then level out and let dry. Once they do we mark out more of the fence, add pickets, and then assemble the fence. Our final step is to add gates so people can come and go and we are done!

Elaine’s Happy New Home

Elaine loves the new look of her back yard! It’s honestly surprising how a new fence can make her landscape seem so much brighter and happier. Now she can enjoy her home and not have to worry about her dog being able to get out.

All that could be left would be to paint her fence.

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