3 Differences In Single Hung vs Double Hung Windows

These are the classic American windows.

You can find at least one in almost every house in America.

Which is impressive as they’ve been around for a few hundred years.

It’s because they look great and work well.

But one is better than the other.

You deserve to have the best windows for your house. Everyone does.

So, let’s discover the differences between single hung vs. double hung windows.

Which do you think is better?

Two double hung windows on brick house

1. Window Movement

One of the main differences between single hung vs double hung windows is the number of moveable windows. Single hung styles only allow the bottom part to slide and tilt. Double hung styles allow both to move.

“Sash” is the name for each window piece, the top or bottom. It can slide up and down and you can install them to tilt inwards.

The image below is a fully opened double hung window. If it were single hung, only the bottom part would be open.

Double hung window with both sashes opened and tilted
Andersen Narroline Conversion kit, Tilt-Wash Double-Hung windows with High-Performance Low-34 glass
Creative Commons 2.0 license

Since both sashes on a double hung window can move, that means:

  • Easier cleaning
  • Better ventilation
  • Easier replacement

All of which makes it a better choice for most homes.

Except when it comes to price.

2. Window Cost

Your upfront costs will be higher with double hung windows.

Double hung means more materials, meaning more money.

But when it comes to replacement, double hung windows can be cheaper.

You may need to hire a glazier to fix your single hung window if the top sash breaks.

This is because of the way the top sash is held in place.

Which some argue makes it more energy efficient.

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3. Window Efficiency

Some think double hung windows have a greater chance of allowing air to leak in and out.

This is because both sashes can move and become loose.

You won’t see an effect on performance immediately.

This is because it takes time for a window to loosen.

If it ever does.

But, repairs are easier since both sashes can move. If the upper sash on a single hung window breaks, a specialist must come in to repair it.

You can replace a double hung window yourself if you want.

Which Will You Choose?

No matter which style of window you choose, it will look great on your home. But these aren’t the only two styles of windows in the world. There are at least 9 more types of windows.

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