Replacing 14 Double Hung Windows On A Home In Pikeville, Tennessee

What would you do if your windows were rotting, drafty, and costing you money? You’d probably do the same thing as the Payne’s did for their Pikeville, Tennessee home.

Mrs. Payne thought to herself, “It’s finally time to fix these windows.” She can feel the drafts when she puts her hands near the edges of the windows. The heat and AC are leaking out, as is her money, and she isn’t trying to air condition the outdoors.

On top of that, the wood trim is rotting away, making the leak problem worse as well as making her house look worn down and old.

And there are 14 of them.

New windows and sliding glass door on the entire back of the house

To say the least, it isn’t the best situation. She’s feeling frustrated about paying more money for less heat and energy and she is annoyed that she didn’t do something about it sooner.

Mrs. Payne is in the same boat as many homeowners, but she is about to do something different than most.

Instead of waiting, she’s going to go ahead and hire a professional to replace them.

14 windows is a lot to replace by yourself on top of having to repair the rotting wood. She doesn’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to do it, so she’s going to look for the best window company in her area.

Mrs. Payne sits down in front of her computer and opens up her Internet. She goes to Google and starts searching for a window replacement company near her.

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A few choices pop up and she decides to take a look at The Window Source Of Chattanooga. It’s a local company with great reviews who is also very transparent about their processes, business, and experience.

She submits her information and goes about her day, wondering if she’ll even get a response.

Google search results including The Window Source Of Chattanooga

The next day she gets a call from an unknown number and decides to answer it. Who knows, maybe she won a prize or something.

What she did win was a call back from The Window Source, which is surprising because contractors don’t normally respond this quickly. She talks for a while, discussing the details, and she decides to hire them to replace her windows and install a 9-foot custom sliding door too.

Mrs. Payne feels relieved that she soon won’t have to deal with drafty, rotting windows anymore. All that’s left is to wait for the big day!

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Replacing Mrs. Payne’s 14 Double Hung Windows

The big day has finally come! Mrs. Payne is about to get 14 brand new double hung windows that will change the look of her home and lower her energy costs.

It may not be the most exciting sounding project in the world, but it is when it’s your home.

The Window Source crew unexpectedly arrives on time and gets right to work. She notices how professional the crew is, not wasting time or being disrespectful to her property. She thinks she may have chosen well, but the project isn’t over yet.

We’re not going to go into detail about how to replace double hung windows, so here’s a quick overview instead:

  1. Remove the old windows
  2. Repair the damaged wood
  3. Install the new windows
Newly replaced double hung windows

Quick right? Well, the project took a few hours longer than it took you to read that, but here is how it turned out:

Mrs. Payne is in love. Her home looks amazing once again as the new windows really stand out, especially because the wood around them is no longer rotting away. There are no more drafts either, so the only part left is to see if there’s a difference in her energy bill.

Bonus: the crew cleaned up after themselves, leaving nothing behind but new windows and a very happy client.

As far as the price goes, including the sliding door installation, the project cost Mrs. Payne $9,700. She considers it a worthwhile expense in exchange for her comfort:

Review by Sheila P. in Pikeville, TN
Project: New Windows – 6 +
They’re trustworthy & take pride in what they do. I will hire them again should I ever need windows or doors replaced. Thank you Window Source of Chattanooga!

What Will You Do When The Time Comes?

You could be like many homeowners and brush it off “until later”, though that does mean more money out of your pocket. Or you could be like Mrs. Payne and fix it so you can love every part of your home again, even the smaller parts.

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