Repairing A Cracked Window On Your Home In 5 Steps

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Repairing a cracked window on your home is not the same as replacing it. A repair should be made only to keep the window intact until you can replace it fully. To repair a cracked window, blow the dirt out of it, flush it with a cleaning solvent, put tape on the back of the crack, apply adhesive and let it dry, then hire someone to replace your window glass.

Let’s take a closer look at this process as Jimmy repairs his cracked window.

“Looks like that rock really did some damage,” Jimmy says worriedly.

“That fool rock came out of nowhere and my lawnmower just grand slammed it into my window,” he thinks with annoyance. Now his window is cracked and it he won’t be able to have someone fix it for a while.

Jimmy pulls out his phone and looks up “how to repair cracked window” on Google where he ends up finding a 5 step process.

Repairing A Cracked Window In 5 Steps

  1. Blow into the crack to get rid of dirt and dust
  2. Flush the crack with water and dish soap
  3. Tape the back side of the crack
  4. Apply a glass adhesive using a brush or syringe, allowing it to dry before removing the tape
  5. Have someone replace your repaired window when you can

“Ok, so basically this is just a temporary fix until I can get the window replaced,” Jimmy mutters to himself. “Works for me,” he thinks with a shrug.

Jimmy gets his tools and materials together and gets to work repairing his cracked window.

Jimmy’s Repair Process

*Huuuuhhhh-hwhooooooo* whistles the air as Jimmy blows on the window crack.

He puffs on it a few more times just to make sure it’s as clean as he can get it. Jimmy takes a mixture of water and dish soap to the crack. He uses an eyedropper to get right in there and a rag to make sure he didn’t miss any spots.

Jimmy grabs the mixture, eye dropper, rag, and some clear masking tape and walks outside. 

He cleans the outside of the glass and, once it dries, puts the masking tape over all the cracked areas of the window. If he’s going to repair a cracked window he’s going to do it right.

“Don’t want my AC escaping outside while the heat comes in,” he thinks with a frown.

Jimmy walks back inside and picks up the glass adhesive and brush sitting under the window. He dips the tip of the brush in the adhesive and carefully applies it to the crack.

Once he finishes, he lets it dry and starts looking for a window repair contractor to come out and replace his window.

“Now it’s time to reward my hard work with a relaxing evening,” he thinks with a smile. He puts up his tools and materials, grabs a cola, and sits down on the couch to catch the sports highlights.