Installing Sliding Glass Doors To Enhance Your Home

You can make your Chattanooga home even more beautiful by installing new sliding glass doors! This type of door is very popular for several reasons:

  • Add more elegance on or into your home
  • Allow more natural light to brighten your rooms
  • Have easier access to patios, decks, and other areas
  • New windows can be more energy efficient
  • Create a more open atmosphere

Before we look at the installation process for sliding glass doors, let’s take a look at their cost.

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Sliding glass doors opening up a room and filling it with natural light

Cost For Installing Sliding Glass Doors

The average price for a sliding glass door with installation is $2,000. The starting price with full installation is $1,200. Pricing can change depending on the materials you choose and the size of the project.

How Long Does It Take To Install Sliding Glass Doors?

A professional team can have a sliding glass door fully installed in about 1 day. This includes clean up afterward.

Sliding glass door in siding leading onto back deck

14 Steps To Installing Your New Sliding Glass Door

1. Cut off the interior and exterior trim

  • first, slice through the caulk and paint
  • then, use a pry bar to remove the trim
  • set it aside if you want to use it when installing your new sliding glass door

2. Remove the doors by lifting it straight up and then backward

  • you may need assistance from others

3. Take out any leftover screws and nails

  • you may have to cut through stripped screws and nails using a bi-metal saw

4. Measure the height and width of the door frame from stud to stud

  • you may have to chip away some drywall to reach the door jamb
  • for height, measure from what the door will rest on rather than the floor

5. Purchase your preferred sliding glass doors

  • prehung glass doors may cost more but are easier to handle and install

6. Clean the opening and make any necessary adjustments

  • level the door frame
  • you can adjust the size by nailing one or so 1×3″ plywood into the opening

7. Apply some flashing adhesive to the door frame of the house

  • leave a margin over the side of the frame
  • also, apply it 6” up the doorjamb on both sides

8. Put the sliding glass door frame in place

  • make sure the side with the screen door track is facing outside

9. Screw the frame in

10. Add insulation into any gaps

11. Install the glass panels and handles

  • place the bottom in first, then press the top in
  • the handles should come with screws whose places will be noted on the door
  • you can also attach the lock clasp

12. Nail the trim back in place

13. Snap the screen door in place

14. Enjoy your new sliding glass door in your Chattanooga home

Sliding glass doors inside brick leading to patio

Professionals Aren’t For Everyone

We know there are people who want to DIY their homes. It can be satisfying to build something with your own hands. But, not everybody has the time or energy for this. If you’re one of the ones who doesn’t have the time, try finding a contractor who’s right for your project.

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