Double Hung Windows: How To Use Them & More

You might be a little lost on what double hung windows actually are.

The information on the Internet can be conflicting.

That’s why the first thing we want you to see is this short video on what a double hung window is:

You can read a shorter description in the next section.

Homeowners love these windows.

They come with several benefits and look amazing.

Let’s find out more on how awesome double hung windows are!

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What Are Double Hung Windows?

In short, double hung windows are made from two smaller windows. You place them so one is in front and the other in the back of the window frame. This allows the bottom one to slide up and the bottom one to slide down. Both can lean in after you slide it a few inches.

This opens up the room, allowing air to circulate. It also makes cleaning them easier because you don’t have to go outside.

Two double hung windows on brick house

Double Hung Window Sizes

Window sizes are all about ½ inch smaller than labeled.

Don’t worry, it’s done on purpose.

You can call this a windows rough opening size.

Window frames have elements that cause the area where the window sits to be smaller.

This means your 24 inches (or 2 foot) window is actually 23 ½ inches.

Double hung window sizes tend to range:

  • Width: 24 – 48 inches
  • Height: 36 – 72 inches

You can see the individual sizes for these windows >>

Even the size of the individual window sashes can differ. This is the amount of area the window sash takes up instead of a size measurement:

  • ½ and ½ (they’re the same size)
  • ⅖ and ⅗
  • ⅓ and ⅔

The top or bottom window sash can be either size.

You can see picture examples of these window sizes >>

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7 Main Parts Of A Double Hung Window Explained


This is the outside rim of the window. It provides support for the window and other window parts. It is made of the head, jamb, and sill.


The top bar of the window frame.


Basically, it’s the railing the window sashes sit in. They are what the window slides up and down in.


The bottom bar of a window frame.

Jamb Liner

The two vertical sides of the window frame.


The parts the window panes are set in.

Sash Lock

The lock keeps the sashes from raising.

 You can see a labeled diagram of a double hung window with other parts >>

Love Your Double Hung Windows

You can bring in more air and have less maintenance for your home. Double hung windows bring both of these while beautifying your home.

But are they the right window for you?

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