3 Best Living Room Windows For Chattanooga Homes

You can transform your living room into your ideal vision with one of these 3 types of living room windows.

Well, they are some of the best choices for living rooms at least.

Whether you’re looking for a new window style or trying to upgrade your old ones, you deserve the best for your house.

Living room with windows

You shouldn’t feel disappointed by having windows that aren’t the best.

You should love them, and your whole home.

We’ve seen what can happen when homeowners change their windows. It’s awesome! They feel like they are walking into a brand new room.

We want you to be able to do the same thing.

Let’s see how you can do this with these best living room windows.

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1. Casement Windows

This is one of the most popular living room window choices.

You open casement windows by turning a crank, which causes the window to open from either the left or right side.

One of the styles of casement windows

Yes, they open from the side instead of top or bottom so that they can take up less space.

You will love casement windows for your Chattanooga home if you want to:

  • Gain a great view
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Add ventilation

They also come in a variety of styles.

For example, you can have a larger window that doesn’t open in the middle of two casement windows that do.

Speaking of windows that don’t open, our next living room window isn’t designed to.

2. Picture Windows

You can have a wide, uninterrupted view of your landscape with picture windows.

Plus your living room can use incoming sunlight as a warm, natural light source.

Large picture window with other windows around it

Picture windows are large windows that are sealed in place. This can make them better on energy efficiency but they cannot help with ventilating.

Glass doesn’t do well as insulation either.

You may not be air conditioning the outdoors as much with this sealed window, but all that glass lets heat or cold into your home more easily.

They can either be clear or broken up into grids, making them look like separate window panes.

Overall, you will love picture windows if you like:

  • Open atmospheres
  • Natural lighting
  • A fantastic view

Let’s explore the third and final best living room window for Chattanooga homes: bay/bow windows.

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3. Bay/Bow Windows

You can bring an amazing and unique look to your home with bay or bow windows.

Plus you can add some extra space with them.

These windows bump out from your house, and because of this, you can turn the area inside into a nook or sitting area.

Bow windows with 4 panels

Bow windows, like the one in the picture above, usually have 4 windows. They can all move, all be sealed, or be a combination of the two.

Bay windows usually only have 3 windows in total. The middle window is sealed in place and the two on the sides can move.

You can use them to add depth to your living room and heighten your home’s curb appeal.

They can be expensive to put in because you may have to alter the actual house to fit the window.

But it can be worth it to have your ideal living room windows.

Which Windows Would You Want For Your Living Room?

You can use these windows and others to further enhance your home! Your living room can look open and welcoming, whether it’s for a quiet read or a fun gathering.

Which ones would you want in your living room? Let us know in the comments below!

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